Q: Do you believe that regardless of circumstances there are opportunities to be prosperous?

I believe the world is made better when:
• Businesses Succeed and People are FulFilled

I’m an Advocate…and what makes me do “the happy dance” is supporting your success…

That is why I’m partnered with a wide array of people, organizations and tools that bring value, resources, connections and support to start-ups & small-medium sized businesses, and your personal life goals.

Advocacy goes beyond simply Coaching or Marketing to encompass whatever you need to succeed.

Who am I?

A multi-passionate professional with 20+ years of experience across multiple disciplines and industries, including Media/Communications, Transportation, Education and Creative & Lateral Thinking, Manufacturing, Hospitality, Retail, Healthcare, and Recreation. Some names you might recognize that I’ve worked with and for are PBS, The Nature Conservancy, PADI, Cable Access, Media Projects Inc, Disney Channel, VH-1, and ISUN Skincare to name a few.

Concierge service is the foundation, so my offerings are tailored to both your functional and financial needs.

If you’re not getting the results you want it’s because there is something you don’t yet know.

After learning your specific goals, I use a holistic and synergistic group of tools and resources to pinpoint hidden opportunities. Then provide curated – Resources, Education, Support and Connections.

Get to know me and the ways I might support your success.

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And, in whatever you do, I hope you – Thrive, Do Good & Enjoy the Journey…