“Give in to the Success of your dreams.” -A-Hicks


Welcome to FIERCE Biz!

(Please read my Aug/Sept 2020 Update below)

I’m an Advocate, which means I support people in getting the most out of their next steps. Be it personal or professional.

I can’t help it, I see dots everywhere…no I’m not due for an eye exam…

Finding you the resources, strategies, and or the connections needed for your next big success is what I do. Think of it like having a Concierge, Coach and Mentor all in one…

We all have superpowers……connecting-the-dots for others’ success is mine.

Maybe you need a big picture adjustment for your Life or Business or maybe it’s sorting out the details…

The dots I see are the “What”, ” How”, “Why” to get you from point A (your Aspiration) to point D (your Dream).

I’m here to help you Implement.

An Update for the times

If you’ve been to my website before you can see a lot has changed. The vendor used to automate and package my website and E-learning Marketing Portal materials repeatedly demonstrated a lack of awareness and unwillingness to respond to the evolving times.

And I could no longer allow this behavior to be overlooked as “the cost of doing business”. – Andrea Johnson

With that said, I dropped the vendor and until further notice will be facilitating all the information and more, previously in the videos and online lessons 1-to-1 or in live groups.

Thank you for your patience with any inconvenience this format transition might cause, AND for YOUR COURAGE and PERSEVERNACE to stay safe, prosperous and OPEN-HEARTED.

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And, in whatever you do, I hope you – Thrive, Do Good & Enjoy the Journey…